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Al Ries:
The Father of

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The Positioning Pioneer is Remembered

Global & Local References
A Few Highlights

More than 25 years of Consulting & In-House Experience 
utilizing Positioning Principles to serve & drive
major Global & Local Brands like those above.




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and many more companies and brands around the world...


We would like to thank Mr. Murat Ülker

for his painstakingly prepared

written & video summaries and

recommendation of our book

“Positioning in the 21st Century”.

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First printed in Türkiye after its launch in China


Reconfigured, developed & expanded for Türkiye

Case Studies

Highlights from Global & Local Projects to Demonstrate The Positioning Principles at Work

Call us for a presentation on these success stories and how we can help you Stand Out in the Mind.



Problem / Opportunity: Leadership treathened due to scattered brand initiatives 

Solution: Total Makeover with a refreshed Positioning, Brand Architecture, Verbal Nail, Visual Hammer, Packaging & Advertising

Result: Dominant Leadership, Profitable Growth and opening of the path for Globalisation 

Case Studies



Who Are We?

RIES was founded in 1963 by Al Ries, creator of the positioning principles.

RIES is a global consulting group with offices in Atlanta & Shanghai as well as partners around the world.

RIES Türkiye was founded by Meltem Heper in 2019.

What Do We Do?


Through positioning methodology, RIES helps companies and brands stand out in prospects’ minds to achieve market dominance and profitable growth.


Clients hire us based on our global reputation and decades of experience.


Leaders appreciate how we approach marketing strategy based on our proven principles and then bring us in to work on their company and brands.


RIES, as the pioneer and leader of strategic positioning consulting, has helped many Fortune Global 500 companies as well as start-up's establish their strategic positioning and overcome bottlenecks that have limited their growth.

Positioning Methodology is based on Timeless Principles. 

These principles are easy to learn but applying them to each individual client’s situation takes skill & experience.

That is where the RIES team comes in.


A Brief History

In the year 1971, a new era in Marketing began with the birth of the Concept of Positioning,

theorized by Al Ries and named by Jack Trout.
In 1981, Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind, by Al Ries & Jack Trout, was published.
Since then, the book has sold more than 3 million copies in 22 countries around the world. 
In the year 2008, Fortune selected the Positioning book as the "best business classic".
In the year 2009, Advertising Age Readers voted the book the "best marketing book they have ever read".
The second best book, Ogilvy on Advertising.
The third best book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, by Al Ries and Laura Ries.
The Positioning Principles and the Laws of Marketing & Branding outlined by the authors are not only still valid after close to half a century,

they are more important than ever in an era of constant change & increased competition; 

ignoring them is at the risk of crisis like many others have experienced before.
And how has a marketing concept and the principles and rules surrounding it become so timeless?
They are based on the the workings of the human MIND.

Timeless Principles

Based on Science:
The Science of how the Human Mind Works

Revolutionized Marketing close to half a century ago. Ever more crucial for Survival in the 21st Century.

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Positioning Principles

1) Find an Open Hole

Look for an open hole in the mind and then be the first brand to fill it.

Instead of communicating the benefits of your product, you need to look inside the mind of the customer to find a position you can own.

Your Positioning Experts

Pioneering Team with more than 25 years of Global & Local Expertise

Meltem Heper is a Strategic Positioning Expert since 1998 and a Ries Global Consulting Partner since 2019.

Our Team
Al Ries positioning.jpg

Al Ries

Al first rose to fame in 1972 when a series of three articles on a new concept called “positioning” authored by Al Ries & Jack Trout appeared in Advertising Age. The positioning idea took the ad world by storm and was voted by AdAge as one of the 75 most important advertising ideas of the past 75 years.

Al founded his first agency, Ries Cappiello Colwell in 1963 in New York City. That agency is now Ries Global, a global consulting firm with offices in Atlanta & Shanghai, and affiliates across the world.

Al is known as the "Father of Positioning".

He was the bestselling author (or co-author) of 12 books, which have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

In 2016, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in New York City.

Al was a pioneer and continues to be the inspiration for everyone who practices positioning.

He worked until the day before his passing - on slides and client prjects!

He loved nothing more than his family and his work.

Position yourself 
for Market Dominance and Profitable Growth

Ready for Market Dominance and Profitable Growth? Call us today.

Positioning Issues & Opportunities Identification

Company, Category & Brand Priorities Identification

*In collaboration with
Magnetic Marca | Manyetik Marka

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Positioning Strategy & Implementation Advice*


In Their Own Words

Chris Warmoth.jpg

Chris Warmoth

Executive Vice President

Carlsberg Group

I worked with Meltem when I was on the Board of Evyap and Meltem was heading International Marketing.

She did an excellent job especially on Duru. She found a brand which was very fragmented, had no consistent positioning across variants and products, no consistent look and feel — and, despite starting from a very complex situation, she was able to find a way forward which truly created a brand. It’s one thing to create a brand from scratch — difficult in itself. It’s actually much harder to take a highly fragmented and inconsistent brand and create a brand from that. This all required Meltem to leverage her long experience on brands, her creativity in being able to map a way forward and her leadership to make it happen. It all happened in a short period of time. Meltem did similar work on other brands — with similar results.

She was always very good to deal with — had clear opinions, expressed her point of view well, was a good listener and was able to take multiple inputs and reflect them well. 

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Strategic Positioning Podcast

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Ready to Stand Out in the Mind?

Contact Us to Give Your Brand the Status it Deserves.

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Meltem Heper

GSM: +90 532 456 0335

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Murat Öksüz

GSM: +90 532 548 6140

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